3. We will guide you

If you're uncomfortable in front of a camera, not sure what to do, don't freak out! We are here to help guide you. We will hype you up, make you laugh and help you be confident.

We will also help guide you through the entire process, from our first meeting to our last goodbye, we're by your side the whole way 

4. Quality you can see

We use IPhones! Just kidding, we shoot with pro Sony bodies, our main camera is a Sony a74, and our main lens are all G Master glass (the best there is).
-24 mm f/ 1.4
-16-35mm f/2.8
-50mm f/1.4
-70-200 f/2.8 GM Mark II 
Feel free to look these up!

We edit all our photos in Lightroom. Our export settings are set to reach maximum quality. 

 5.Our look

Every photograph that we take is edited individually, along with a preset, giving your photos that wow effect.

All of our photos are edited with our own presets, and our videos with our own LUTS. When you hire us, you get our look and feel that everyone loves 

We crop each photo, align each photo, and inspect each photo to make sure it is up to our standards (our wrists hate us). 

click/ Hover for before and after

2. authenticity

With us, you wont only get meaningful photos, but a meaningful experience too. We build lasting relationships with our clients, to the point where we even go out for drinks well after we've worked for them! Authenticity breeds connection, and we hope to establish a true connection with our clients. 


You will receive your photos on a personal gallery where you can view, download, and share your photos, quick and easy!

6. Delivery

Personal link

For sharing with friends 

Online for one year

Can be extended

password Protected

For sharing with friends 


At full resolution & for media

Favorites action

So you don't lose track of your favorites


For showcasing your day

Online store

Available upon request


Your last photographer only had one SD card slot!? Oh no, every photo we take is stored twice to two SD cards in camera, along with every video. Once home, we import all of our photos and videos into a two hard drives and the cloud. We do our absolute best to ensure no photos are lost. 

7. fast Delivery

We know that the waiting game can be  excruciating. So, with our new contracts we guarantee delivery within 3-4 weeks (4-6 if purchasing our All In Package)

Why choose us?

this is what you recieve when you work with us!

2. authenticity

3. Guidance

4. quality

5. our look


7. Professional delivery



We also use Sony for our video. Our cameras are either the Sony A7S3 or FX3, along with the ZV-E1 (you probably have no idea what i'm talking about, look these up!)

Our main lens are still all G Master glass (the best there is).
-24 mm f/ 1.4
-16-35mm f/2.8
-50mm f/1.4
-70-200 f/2.8 GM Mark II 

Pro audio: We use a TASCAM X8 32-Bit 
Drone Shots: Mavic 2 pro
Lights: Nanlite

We edit our videos in 4k in Premier Pro. Our export settings are set to reach maximum quality. 


for photo

You will receive your video in both USB and dropbox format with one year of cloud storage!

For video

1. Professionalism 

We know when to have fun, and when to put on our serious faces. Aside from running a photo and film business, we have been customer service professionals for most of our careers. We've worked at top fine dining steakhouses, from which we acquired customer service skills that we believe help separate us from our competition. 

We have high standards for our work, and for our presentation as well.

Plus, over the years working fine dining, we've learned a thing or two about wine as well, so if you're a fan let's grab a glass sometime!

1. Professionalism